Made with Moxie: Day One: My Selfish Sewing and Yours

September 23, 2013

Day One: My Selfish Sewing and Yours

I want to preface this post by telling you that I made this, and a good number of my Selfish Sewing projects ahead of time. I have spent more than the requisite hour a day doing Selfish Sewing and do not want anyone to stress our trying to complete entire outfits and projects each day. The point of Selfish Sewing Week is to have a week where we just say no and use our talents for our own selfishness for once. As luck would have it, I also have my first Anatomy exam this week, so I'm super pleased I did my Selfish Sewing ahead of time. That being said, I kind of have the Selfish Sewing Bug and am going to be doing a whole lot more selfish sewing in the future.

Selfish Sewing Day One: Made with Moxie

My Selfish Sewing: Each one of my kids has a minkie blanket that I have made for them. They love cuddling under them. They're dragged about and thankfully run through the wash quite well. But when I'm snuggling kiddos and reading to them, their blankies are too short for my toes. So I decided that my first Selfish Sewing Project was to make my own damn minkie blankie. Yeah. I made myself a minkie blankie. Back off, okay? You know you are jealous.

Selfish Sewing Day One: Made with Moxie

It was not rocket science at all to make. I bought the minkie blanket at Target during back to school. I loved the almost neon red color and it's generous XL twin size would ensure that I could fit all of my family under it without being kicked out myself. Unfortunately, the blanket is 70 inches wide, making even the widest fabrics not wide enough. I considered making a quilt top for it. I considered a patchwork of flannel. Then I reminded myself that I wanted to get it done and actually use it this year. Last week the back to school tshirt sheets were on sale at Target!

I spray basted the flat sheet to the minkii and turned under any necessary edges to be top stitched. Wham, bam, thank you, Ma'am. Not only do I still have the pillow case and fitted sheet for future fabric (I'm thinking leggings! Or a cardi?) but my blankie was so easy to make. I hand stitched a little heart in one corner with embroidery thread for an extra little touch. (If you use three strands or less, and little stitches, the back stitched just get lost in the minkie, too.)

I'm in love! Can you tell?
Selfish Sewing Day One: Made with Moxie

My Favorites: I know it's only half way through Day One of Selfish Sewing Week, but some of you have been cheating and sewing this past weekend! I can't blame you. Selfish Sewing is such a great feeling. Here are three of my favorites that I spotted in the Selfish Sewing FlickR pool.

I'm loving this batwing top with the denim skirt and orange tights and boots. It's just so my style. And, be still my heart, the Social Climber fabric by Anna Maria Horner is probably one of my top favorite fabrics ever (along with Heather Ross' Mendocino), so this golden dress is just fabulous. Plus, she gets extra bonus points for being able to cut into it! These Run 3.0 pant by La Pantigana are just so awesome. A. They look so comfortable, B. They look fabulous and fun, and C. They are so different. That's a win/win/win.

1. Blair batwing shirt by Behind the Hedgerow  2. Colette Laurel by Sew Charleston  3. Run Pants 3.0 by The Pantigana 

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Thanks for sewing along for Selfish Sewing Week!